July 25, 2024

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8 Cool Home Automation Gadgets

8 Cool Home Automation Gadgets


Smart home gadgetry is a fun way to make your space feel more futuristic and efficient. It’s also great if you’re not very handy with a hammer and screwdriver, because most of these gadgets can be installed by simply plugging them in. Plug-and-play smart home automation devices are the best way to get started on your home automation journey, since they require no installation or wiring work whatsoever. Below are some options for cool smart gadgets that will keep you connected and help manage your home:

8 Cool Home Automation Gadgets

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a hands-free smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant. It connects to Wi-Fi and can play music, manage everyday tasks, control compatible smart devices, answer questions and more. Just start with “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.”

Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

The Philips Hue Smart Bulb is a lighting system that allows you to control your lights from your smartphone. You can set colors, brightness and schedules for individual bulbs or groups of bulbs. The app also allows you to control the lights from anywhere in the world so you can turn them off before going to bed even if someone forgot to do so earlier that day.

The app also provides information about each bulb including its temperature (color) when turned on or off as well as how much energy it uses at any given moment.

Nest Thermostat

Nest is a smart home thermostat that learns your habits to save you money. It’s compatible with other smart home devices, like the Amazon Echo, so you can control it with your voice or ask Alexa to set the temperature in the room. Nest also comes in different colors and shapes so you can find one that fits into your decor seamlessly.

Nest was designed by Tony Fadell, who helped create Apple’s iPod and iPhone before leaving to start Nest Labs in 2010. His goal was to make a truly intuitive product that would make people feel comfortable using technology in their homes–and judging from its popularity over the past few years (it was acquired by Google for $3 billion), he succeeded!

Ecobee4 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Amazon Alexa

Ecobee4 Wi-Fi Thermostat with Amazon Alexa is a smart thermostat that works with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. It also integrates with SmartThings and IFTTT, so you can automate your home even more by connecting to other devices in your house. The Ecobee4 learns your habits over time and adjusts accordingly to save energy, which means you’ll save money on heating costs without having to think about it!

With remote temperature sensing technology built into this model, it helps keep rooms at the right temperature whether or not someone is home–so no matter where you are in your house or when they’re sleeping (or not!), everyone will have consistent comfort levels throughout their day.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a smart doorbell that allows you to see and speak to visitors at your door. It’s a great solution for home security, letting you monitor your home from anywhere.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 also includes motion detection technology so that it can alert you if someone approaches while you’re not at home. This way, you’ll never miss another delivery or package again!

It comes with two interchangeable faceplates (black or white) so that it looks good in any style of home decorating scheme. And unlike other smart devices on the market today, this one doesn’t require any wiring–it works wirelessly through Wi-Fi connectivity or 4G LTE cellular service (which means no monthly fees!).

TP-Link Kasa Smart LED Light Bulb (HS200)

  • Control your lights from anywhere.
  • Dim your lights, turn them on and off, change color or create a custom setting that fits your mood.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant to control your TP-Link Kasa Smart LED Light Bulb (HS200) with just your voice.
  • Control multiple bulbs at once with one app. You can also set timers for individual bulbs so they turn off automatically when you’re not home–or use the Away mode to keep the lights on when you’re out of town!
  • Create automations using IFTTT recipes so that when something happens in one part of your life (like posting an Instagram photo), it triggers something else in another part of your life (such as turning on certain lights).

NETGEAR AC1900 WiFi Range Extender (EX7300) and WiFi Booster (EX3700)

  • NETGEAR AC1900 WiFi Range Extender (EX7300) and WiFi Booster (EX3700)

The NETGEAR AC1900 WiFi Range Extender is a device that plugs into your router to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. It also boosts speeds up to 1900 Mbps, so you can enjoy high-speed gaming or streaming video without buffering or lag time. The EX7300 has two Ethernet ports so you can connect more devices to it, like smart TVs or game consoles–and it has an LED indicator light to show you when it’s connected.

The NETGEAR EX3700 WiFi booster is another option for extending your home’s wireless coverage, but instead of needing an outlet like most extenders do, this one plugs directly into an available Ethernet port on your modem/router combo device–and then broadcasts its own signal throughout the house!

Amazon Echo Spot with Built-In Camera, Black or White

The Echo Spot is smaller than the standard Amazon Echo and can be used as a bedside table clock, kitchen countertop device and alarm clock. The built-in camera allows you to make video calls through your home Wi-Fi network or mobile data plan, so you can stay connected with family members who live far away.

This product also works with smart home devices like lights, locks and thermostats that support Alexa (if they’re compatible). You can use voice commands to ask questions about weather forecasts or sports scores; add items to shopping lists; get traffic updates while driving; read books aloud while going for a walk outside; play music from Spotify Radio stations based on moods such as “chill” or “upbeat;” control electronics including TVs using voice commands (for example: “Alexa turn off my TV”).


So, what are we waiting for? Get out there and start automating your home! With these eight cool gadgets, you’ll be able to control everything from lighting to heating without lifting a finger.